A Healthy District!

The SFDPH and other municipal health service providers have ignored District 11 for decades. There is no hospital, and there are very few health clinics in District 11. We are in desperate need of public health campaigns and programs, like infectious disease prevention, substance use prevention, promotion of healthy family relationships, etc. Since even before Denti-Cal was discontinued, oral health services have been too limited and too expensive for working class people, especially for families with youth and children. Even if relatively accessible oral care is provided within city limits by dentistry schools, those schools are located on the other side of town from District 11, and prices are still too high. Also, families and parents cannot leave their jobs to complete the very slow process to access care. The same could be said for all types of health care for children and seniors.

To address these problems, we call for:

  • Building a state-of-the-art municipal hospital in the area of the Cow Palace–oh wait. That is not San Francisco, but Daly City. Why? Because a border has been imposed that does not recognize the integrity of the metropolitan unit in which we live. We need a hospital that is easily accessible to residents of both cities without all the bureaucratic impediments that slow the delivery of medical services.
  • Creating a health advocacy program for children in District 11 that would take responsibility for getting students to doctors’ appointments—including vision and dental, keeping parents informed about students’ health issues, and assisting students in following medical professionals’ instructions.
  • Opening up clinics in schools that can provide a full range of medical services to children, making it possible for students to attend doctors’ appointments without their parents having to miss work to take them (please see A District of Youth and Children).

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