A District with Sustainable Neighborhood Businesses

The City of San Francisco’s programs to aid small businesses are little more than patronage programs. Funds are distributed in a top-down manner to friends of the Democratic Party political machine, and very little effort goes into figuring out what goods and services our neighborhoods really need and how to develop them. Furthermore, we recognize that our living wage proposal of $50 per hour will likely create difficulties in the short-term for many San Franciscan small businesses, and we need to take steps to balance that out (please see A Living Wage District).

We call for:

  • All small business development funds to be taken from the commissions undemocratically appointed by the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors and to be administered by the District 11 Neighborhood Council.
  • A permanent freeze on all city property and payroll taxes for businesses smaller than a certain size.
  • The auditing of all city contracts to see how much money is being paid to outside contractors and big businesses to provide goods and services that could be provided by local providers and re-assign this city business accordingly (please see A Point on Finances).
  • Extend rent control to cover commercial properties within San Francisco and on properties controlled by San Francisco to anchor local businesses in their facilities as a transitional step towards means-based rent control, in which local businesses must pay no more than 30% of their gross revenue.

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